Airport concourses, provide millions of travelers with their all-important first impression of any destination.our Carefully selected commercial floor can help create a clean, welcoming and enjoyable environment for these airport and concourse areas.

Our seamless industrial flooring solutions and applications include

  • A uniquely appealing selection that contributes to the overall vibrancy and positivity of the space, attracting more business
  • The ability to withstand intense, high-traffic situations, while demonstrating excellent abrasion- and wear-resistance
  • The strength to handle high compression, including heavily loaded baggage carts and wheeled luggage
  • Slip-resistance that’s adjustable to specific facility needs, balanced with easy-to-clean finish
  • Impressively simple and low-cost maintenance, with no waxing or buffing required
  • Outstanding durability and long-term value
  • Hybrid flooring that custom-combines two or more polymer resin chemistries in a single floor, providing the optimal high performance solution for a given application

Where we operate

Airports are becoming miniature cities unto themselves. Whether visitors spend an hour enjoying a beverage between flights or a weekend in an airport hotel, properly chosen terminal and concourse flooring can help create a vibrant, comfortable and safe atmosphere. We provide flooring services in pre-security and post-security public spaces, including

  • Ticketing halls
  • Security check areas
  • Boarding lounges and seating
  • Stairways and corridors
  • Baggage claim areas
  • Concessions and restaurants
  • Executive lounges and clubrooms
  • Conference centers
  • Retail shops and boutiques
  • Public restrooms

Our Elite Clients

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