Armoured Joints

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  • Armoured joints are used to create a boundary in which to contain a day's concrete pour. As the concrete sets and contracts, the two sides of the joint (held together with frangible rivet connectors) are horizontally. Dowels fixed gradually pulled apart through the centre stop the slabs moving vertically and allow for load transter between tne two sections of the floor. Once the floor has contracted, the gap between the two sides can simply be filled with a suitable joint sealant.

Advantage of Armoured Joints

  • They act as a permanent formwork, creating a secure boundary or day joint during the concrete pour.
  • They allow the concrete slab to contract in a controlled way, to prevent random cracks occurring.
  • They protect the construction joint arises from impact damage once the building is in use, saving the expense of repair.
  • They allow efficient load transfer between concrete slabs, for a stable and durable floor.

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