Truss Screed Flooring

Truss Screed Flooring
  • Truss Screed allows construction to be done with extended construction joints hence saving on the cost & time. It provides a better level of tolerance.
  • By comparing it with a conventional simple leveling machine, it has higher construction efficiency and constant flatness, which greatly improves the whole performance of concrete, giving concrete of the same grade process more strength and bearing capacity.

Advantage Of Truss Screed Floor

  • Increases, flatness, quality & efficiency. V/AAMMVV
  • It provides high strength, dense & durable flooring.
  • FM2 floor can be achieved.
  • Time saving process.
  • High-strength steel frame and zinc-plated steel scraper blade ensure that it won’t bend under vibration, so it lasts longer.
  • Floors can be leveled to arch surfaces or spill surfaces when arch connectors are equipped.
  • It increases efficiency and productivity

Where can be truss screed used

  • Road Construction
  • Concrete Floors
  • Landscaping
  • Large Depots
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Tunnels and Roads

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